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Lasko Whole Room C27100 Circulator

Create a comfortable ambiance at home during the hot days of summer with the Lasko Whole Room C27100 Circulator. It has been designed using an innovative technology that creates up to 40% more cold air at a lower noise level than most fans and the air purifier makes it more efficient in home use.

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Miallegro 1780 Review

The Miallegro 1780 fan is the perfect combination of technology, art, and innovation that will create the perfect environment at home or at the office. The compact design makes it easy to fit in any corner and the convenient features ensure efficiency, comfort in use and optimal results at a price more than affordable.

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Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Review

The Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet is one of those appliances that can do an excellent job in the summertime, in medium and large rooms as well. This is without a doubt one of the best fans you can buy, and one of the most energy efficient ones as well.

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Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower 41 inches Review

If you want a cooling fan that will not only ensure maximum efficiency but will also complement the design of your house, you will need the Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower 41 inches. This is one of the most interesting-looking fans that combines a high-quality technology with an innovative design meant to increase the performance.

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Holmes HT38RB-U 36″ Review

Enjoy the ultimate performance and convenience with the Holmes HT38RB-U fan and let it take care of the temperature in your house the easiest way. Features like the oscillation, the convenient remote control and shut-off timer will turn out to be useful in daily use, so that you will always be pleased with how your fan works.

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Ozeri 3x Tower Fan 44″ with Passive Noise Reduction

Many living areas require having a fan at home because the air can get too hot and you won’t feel comfortable, so a quality device that will efficiently cool the air will turn out to be an essential item. If you need a room fan that will distribute more cool air while being silent and energy-efficient, the Ozeri 3x Fan 44″ with passive noise reduction will meet your needs.

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Brookstone Mighty Max

Brookstone Mighty Max is a room fan that features an elegant and attractive design, with easy-to-read LCD screen, comfortable controls, and options that make it one of the best choices for medium and large rooms. The 90 degrees oscillating feature increases its performance and the multiple settings offer you complete freedom in creating the perfect ambiance at home.

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Honeywell Kaz HY-023 Comfort Control

The Honeywell Kaz HY-023 Comfort Control is a great bargain that offers you the performance of a quality fan built to be silent, efficient, and energy-saving. The pleasant design adds to its convenience, as well as the features that turn it into an easy-to-use and reliable unit that will efficiently cool your house.

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Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan

Are you looking for an easy to use and practical tower room fan? Then you should check out the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan. This fan is not only efficient at cooling large rooms, but it’s also designed to warm up a room.

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